We supply bearings for all types of trailers, boat trailers, Goods trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Mini digger Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, and even Caravans - both tapered roller and ball bearings. The most popular bearings fitted to trailers are Tapered Roller Bearings. They come as two separate parts called the cup and cone.

Some are supplied with a seal built in as an integral part of the bearing cone. Most bearings are stamped with an identification number by the manufacturer, If there are no numbers then the bearing can be identified by its dimensions - try typing the sizes in the search box. The most common bearings used on boat trailers are L44643 - L44610 and L44643L - L44610 Bearing number L44643 refers to the bearing cone without built in seal as shown on the left in both pictures. Bearing number L44643 L refers to the bearing cone with built in seal as shown on the right in both pictures. The same cup is used for both having the number L44610.

We also supply bearings for old style Mini hubs - these use ball bearings of the type 14/LJT 7/8” The bearings are a single row thrust bearing - 2” outside x 7/8” bore x 9/16” wide There are usually two bearings per hub with an oilseal which is 2.1/8” x 1.3/8” x 5/16”.We supply both the bearings and oilseal - see our Online shop for prices.

Another commonly used trailer bearing is a single row ball bearing EE9 or KLNJ 1 or R16 The dimensions are 2” outside x 1” bore x 3/8” wide This bearing is available as a sealed type - reference EE9 2RS or KLNJ 1 2RS or R16 2RS The dimensions are 2” outside x 1” bore x 1/2” wide.

Many trailers made by Alko and other manufacuers now use the extra wide series bearings, these have a split inner ring and two rows of ball bearings. One of the most common sizes being 34mm inside X 64mm outside x 37mm wide. If you don't have a bearing reference make a note of the dimensions and give us a call.

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