Its always better to prevent a problem than fix one.

Posted 28 Nov 2017

Why is it that problems always come at the worst times, and when its freezing cold with horizontal rain!

Well don't wait for that problem, prevent it.

One of the most common causes of bearing failure is lack of simple maintenance. 
We supply everything you need whether you want to service or replace your parts.

hub sets from £8.50

shell multipurpose bearing grease £3.20

NITRILE FOAM PALM reusable service GLOVES £3.50

So for a little over £15 + Vat you can have everything you need to keep things running smoothly. well?.. what are you waiting for, get preventing already ;)

Don't forget that we are a "brick and mortar" business, if your not sure what you need just pop in to our shop with your old parts and we will identify them for you, now that is a service you can not get online!