Product Description

x25 Cylinder shaped protection plugs with collar, Fits in M22, Fits around M20

Dimensions (see picture)

20.7 19.6 24.7 8.5

Protection plug
•Made from polyethylene (Ld-PE)
•Colour: natural
•Cylinder shaped protection plug with collar
•Very efficient, excellent sealing of tubes, threaded pipes etc

Product information
Low density polyethylene is resistant to many chemicals. Therefore especially suitable for

coverplugs and caps. Because of great flexibility it is almost unbreakable. Does not take in

moisture and therefore very suitable for electrical insulation. Polyethylene can not be glued,

burns after lighting it and may discolour and becomes brittle after exposure to direct sunlight.

Physical information

Property Value DIN
Relative density (gr/cm³) 0.92 --
Tensile strength (MN/m²) 10 53455
Elongation at break (%) 300 53455
Tensile modulus (MN/m²) 180 53457
Notched impact strength (kJ/m²) -- 53453
Ball indentation (MN/m²) 14 53456
Application temperature (max ºC) 70 --
Volume resistivity ( 10^17 53482
Dissapation factor tan. (10³ Hz) 0.0003 53483
Dielectric strength (MV/m) 60 53481
Coefficient of friction (on steel) (--) 0.17-1.5 --

Chemical resistance

Resistant to
Mineral oils
Vegetable oils
Weak alkalis
Strong alkalis
Weak acids

Fits in metric thread : M22
Fits in fine metric threading : M22x1.5/ M22X2

Fits around metric thread : M20
Fits around fine metric thread : M20x1 / M20x1.5 / M20x2